Clothing Fire Injuries

You answer the phone at work and it is a nurse calling from the hospital. Your wife just arrived by ambulance. You hear the words “third degree burns over 60 percent of her body” but you can’t understand what happened. You arrive at the hospital and learn she was getting ready to take a bath […]

Why Medical Mistakes Will Continue To Happen

It’s been almost six months since the world has become aware of Covid-19 and yet, serious mistakes and misdiagnosing are still increasing throughout the health care systems. Well let’s talk about those mistakes, which the health industry calls “diagnostic errors”. Regardless of the words or phrases the professionals like to use…the patient is the one […]

Hurt At A Gym While Making A Social Media Video

Since the rise in popularity of social media, some have taken to extremes in creating videos. Unfortunately, there are a few who just don’t use common sense, or think nothing could go wrong. And then they get hurt and wonder if they can sue. Have you ever been to a fitness facility of some kind […]

How to Get the Most Out of Our Website

Over the years we have added over 80 videos to our website. We also frequently add breaking news on the legal information front through our blog. We have now accumulated so much information that it’s almost too much to sort through. So how do you find things on our website? Well check out this podcast […]

When Insurance Companies String You Along You Need A Law Firm That Fights For You

You were involved in a vehicle accident, which resulted in minor damage to your car and some aches and bruises. The police officer on the scene advises you and the person who caused the accident to seek medical attention. But you felt okay so you declined the police officer’s advice. A few days go by […]