Getting Compensation When a Drunk Driver Causes Injury

Drunk and impaired driving crashes are difficult not because it is hard to establish the crash was the fault of the drunk or impaired driver. But because finding a source to compensate victims for the harms suffered the crash is problematic. Often there is no insurance on the vehicle being operated by the drunk. So […]

Why It’s Important To Maintain Uninsured and Underinsured Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage!

It’s 9pm and you’re worried. Your husband should have been home two hours ago. You’ve tried to call him, but no answer. Another hour goes by. Then your phone rings. You glance down, it’s your husband calling. But the voice on the other end is not your husband’s. You hear, “Ma’am, this is Lieutenant Smith, […]

Just The Facts: Why Revealing Too Much Could Cost You!

You were involved in an automobile accident that resulted in injuries and damages. You sustained minor head trauma, while your passengers had to have X-rays and CT scans which revealed broken bones and internal bleeding. The driver of the car that hit you was rushed to a nearby hospital and was pronounced dead on arrival. […]

What We Do and Don’t Cover As Personal Injury Attorneys

Wow, what an election! And before you ask, no I’m not going to reveal who I voted for, or against as some would say. I find talking politics to my clients can cause problems. Politics just gets people riled up. And it’s the result of that emotional riling that people say and do things that […]

Rental Car Accidents

Car accidents can happen at any time, including when you or someone else is driving a rental car.  Many people rent cars while on vacation or on a business trip.  The last thing people are thinking about while on vacation is getting into an automobile crash.  They’re just trying to enjoy themselves and take a […]